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Tragic linx Ish tragic and sugoi ^;______;^ Foundzie it by writing "tragic love" in googlie-chan and clicky I'm feeling LUCKY!!!!!!!!!... very sugoi. Looks a teensy chibi bit tragic. But ish it yaoi????? ?_? Dun dink so tho... Yanno, diz site looked gay because it doesn't look very gay... you gettin me? LOL then i decided... there ISH Nuriko-chan and Hotohori-kun and Tamahome-sama... so it's tragic lurvie xD LOL so kinkie but schweet. not much tragicness in it but so kawaii kakoii and worth sharing xD LOL I luv diz. specailly hte second last lien in da 1st paregraph cuz pervy lil me has a fecal matter fetish ^________^ KIK not kinkie... donwrite hornie xD *pervy-chan*

ok that's all for now, xD
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